If you would like to contact me please use my blog’s contact page found here. Please note that I maintain my own business sites along side of my client sites, so my inbox is usually daunting on a good day. It might be a day or two before I’m able to respond. Below are a few of my most frequently asked questions with answers, so hopefully your inquiry might be addressed sooner. Thank you!

QUESTION: Is the Isidore Tarot deck available?
ANSWER: Yes! Just not 24-7 year round anymore. The current version of this deck (the third edition) is available. The deck is sold through time specific sales so that I can order all the decks/materials I need at the conclusion of the sale. There is about a two week turn around for me to get all my needed things delivered to me and packaging orders. Then I can devote a week to getting those orders shipped. It’s like a mini crowd-funding campaign. I have found this to be the easiest way for me to delegate my time/resources and keep my customers happy. Sale dates are listed on the front page.

QUESTION: Do you ship internationally?
ANSWER: Yes! During sales I can now ship internationally. My shopping cart feature for calculating proper postage is a little wonky though outside the US. I ask international customers to please contact me directly during the sale and give me their city/country so I can calculate proper shipping and invoice them. These details are included with the sale. *My lad is currently trying to fix the shopping cart glitch.

QUESTION: Can I purchase this deck wholesale to sell in my own store?
ANSWER: For small wholesale orders (less than 25) I’m sorry that I can’t offer that at the moment. My printer has increased their wholesale-by-quantity pricing and bumped me up to the next category to get a reasonable wholesale price myself. For orders of 25 or more though, yes. The full color tutorial form of the companion book and Isidore coloring book are also available for orders of 25 or more.

QUESTION: Will you sign my deck before shipping it to me?
ANSWER: Absolutely! Please note that the decks come shrink wrapped and I do not open them, so that the deck is handled as little as possible. I know some people really don’t like a lot of other people’s mojo on their decks before they get them. So if you want me to sign the deck proper I will have to remove the shrink wrap, though I will place it in another sealed plastic covering for transit. Just add that request to your order when you buy the deck.

QUESTION: Can I purchase this deck as a gift for someone else and have it shipped to them?
ANSWER: Most certainly! The Isidore Tarot makes a nice gift, if I am given a moment to brag a little. 😉 I also respect the community of tarot users who will only work with decks that have been gifted to them. If the deck is going to a different home than yours just make a note of it during the order.

QUESTION: This deck is a gift for someone. Do you still gift wrap?
ANSWER: I do, though now I have to charge a small extra fee to cover the cost of extra materials. I used to have quite the stockpile of gift wrapping supplies, but as I mentioned the deck makes a nice gift, I’ve gift wrapped a lot of decks by request.

QUESTION: Are you going to offer the deck again in the limited edition handmade boxes?
ANSWER: Yes, though in a slightly different fashion. Instead of offering a set number of limited edition boxes, I’m making unique boxes when time allows and offering them as an OOAK item. You can see some of my previous OOAK packaging (for all my decks, not just this one) here.

Hopefully that tackles some common inquiries. The biggest one is typically is this deck sold out, and if not, how do I get it? And once again, that would be no and you can get it here. I don’t have a mailing list for the deck, but if you pop over to my store The Attic Shoppe Trading Co. you can join my coupon list to get an email whenever the deck is about to go on sale. Bonus there, I also offer discount coupons regularly.